August 29, 2009

School days

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I sent my oldest off to public school for the first time on Wednesday. I can’t believe my baby, the one who wouldn’t breast feed (and yeah, I cried about it), that one — he is SIX! He went to school! And honestly, I have no idea what he did after he got on that bus. He came home and I asked how it went.
And I asked how the bus was.
How will I ever know what is going on?


August 18, 2009

Gmail Account

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Dad: Can you set me up a gmail account.

Me: I can, but I can’t get the address you want.

Dad: Why?

Me: Because it’s not available, someone else has it.

Dad: No, I have the one I want, that’s me.

Me: Then log in to it.

Dad: I don’t know my password.

Me: Um, I don’t know your password either.
(I then try to figure it out. No way is this his account, the security question is something he’d never pick or remember).

Me: Dad, I set up up an email address. It’s your first name, middle initial, last name @ gmail.com. Ok?

Dad: Sure, I can do that, I can remember that.

Six months later he still isn’t using the account.

August 17, 2009


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Backstory: My dad can’t seem to remember to pay his rent, health insurance, or any other bills. Or remember which of his bank accounts has any money in them. So we finally convinced him to send us some money every month to pay those bills, and then we pay the rest and divide up the total between us.
He hasn’t given us a check in a few months.

Me: What do you want to do this month about his rent, insurance, and cable?

Serena: Did he send a check? We need to pay insurance.

Me: He didn’t send a check, we gave him the insurance bill and told him to pay it.

Then of course… he never sent a check, no one answered the question about what to do, and the insurance got canceled but we did get it reinstated. It’s hard enough having a crazy drug addict dad who can’t pay his bills and yells at you when you try to help him. Trying to coordinate it with two sisters causes a lot of conflict.

August 15, 2009


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Me: Do you want to come for a visit while my sister (your daughter) is here, before she moves halfway across the country?

Are you interested and if so could you look up the bus schedule and let us know?

love, me

Dad (2 days later): Got ur email today.

Me (9 days later): I was thinking there would be more of a response. Did you want to come on Monday?


That’s right, no response. No visit. Is it that hard to say, sorry, can’t make it? I wish he’d just respond.

How to buy stamps

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I got a letter from the post office today addressed to my father — it said the post office had found an envelope with a check in it and was returning it, the check had my mailing address listed, so I guess that’s why it came to me.

The check was for 15$ and I am guessing that my father wanted stamps. It was addressed to “postmaster” on the front (no other info) and on the back it said “first class stamps please.”

Is that how you buy stamps?

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