November 16, 2009

Flu & Other Fun

Filed under: budgets,children,debt,mess,money — by elysianconfusion @ 5:56 pm

I think I had the swine flu. I mean seriously, what a terrible name. Fortunately I didn’t get too sick & everyone else in the family seems fine.

Anyway, I just did something a little, well, maybe a little silly. I just paid an extra 37$ to my mortgage. It’s not my highest interest, or the intended first payoff, but I was SO close to being under 196k, I just had to give it a little extra. I didn’t have enough to pay off the first bill in the snowball plan (but next month! only 345.65 to go!) Now, I realize it’s ludicrous, but now my mortgage is 195,999.13. Plus that got my total under 386k; my total is now $385,965.25.  And that is 3151.92 down from October. Is that right? Wow, that’s kind of a lot for us.  That’s 686.22 more than last month? How’s that even possible? I don’t know, maybe one of my numbers wasn’t updated last month, because I’ve checked and I think I’m right.

That’s 17,4872.89 less than April. Too bad I can’t just not pay other things and do one at a time. They’d go down really fast with a single 4k+ payment.  JD at Get Rich Slowly reminded me today (via post, not personally) that slow & steady wins the race.  I’ll try not to be too impatient.

Now, anyone have any suggestions for Christmas budgets?


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