January 13, 2010

And a New Year

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Well, a quick update to keep us on track…
April 20, 2009: $403,438.14
January 13, 2010: $381,107.27
That’s down $22,330.87 and down $2,184.04 since last month. I can see the numbers slowly creeping down… Christmas was hard though. I had to up my savings for Christmas next year — starting this month! I think we’ll be in good shape for next year.
We did also have our snow blower break. Usually my husband can fix things, but this one was a tough call for us — to fix it would cost at least $190 and it’s an old machine, maybe about 15 years, and very heavy. We also bought it used and have had it 7 or 8 years. To buy the new Best Buy from Consumer Reports in the medium snow blower (recommended for Massachusetts and the size of our driveway) would be $600 + tax. Ugh. I hate stuff like this — which one makes more sense? I have the emergency fund, I can pay for it, and I can pay back the fund pretty quickly, I think, because my husband’s annual bonus is coming up.

Which is another topic for debate… with the bonus, what do you do? Add it all to your emergency fund? Add it to the debt snowball? Split it? Use some of it to buy wants that we’ve been putting off? I’m sure everyone has a different position on this… I’d love to hear suggestions. I’m leaning towards a little for wants, and then split the remainder between a little extra emergency fund money and a bigger snowball payment. (Sadly or maybe not, we’re not in the banking industry and do not get 5 or 6 figure bonuses.) Of course it’s my husband’s bonus, so it’s really up to him.

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