March 5, 2010

Toyota: I feel deceived!

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We have Toyotas. Two of them, in fact.  A 2006 Sienna (bought with 6,000 miles on it, which saved us a lot actually) and a 2009 Corolla we bought new in 2008. We tried and couldn’t find a used Corolla that was worth buying — the new one was literally $100-$200 more than the used one, and the new one gave us 2.9% financing. Anyway, we bought both cars before we read Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover (which we took out from the library, a good start for a book addict like me). So yes, if I had it to do over again, even before this Toyota safety debacle, I probably wouldn’t do  it again.

It turns out that our particular 2009 Corolla isn’t part of the recall (the VIN # starts with a J). I wish I could say this made me feel better, but the long history that’s coming out of the gas pedal sticking with no resolution upsets me. In addition, the two stories I heard about Lexus drivers losing control of their cars (here’s one http://consumerist.com/2010/02/video-one-toyota-drivers-horror-story.html) are totally terrifying. That’s no sticking gas pedal. That’s a computer issue, and I’m not convinced that my car and other Toyotas don’t have it (and how *will* they prove that to me?). It seems kind of sick to hope that it’s limited to Lexus. I don’t want anybody to experience this.

And now, new purchasers get incentives according to this article I read on BankRate.com:  http://www.bankrate.com/finance/auto/toyota-offers-incentives-to-entice-buyers.aspx. Great. Glad they’re giving out incentives. But how are they going to regain the trust of people like me?

I don’t know that Toyota can regain my trust. I’m stuck with my cars for now, but believe me, when I get a choice again I’ll think long and hard about the car company. At least next time if we end up with a crappy car, we won’t pay as much good money for it (I hear Hyundai sales are up 11%, and no wonder). Or maybe we can get a Volvo…


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