March 11, 2010

Using the Emergency Fund

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I so didn’t want to use my emergency fund, but man, we had a bad week. Sunday we took our Sienna in to check the brakes, and instead of just needing new pads, it needed new rotors. $555 dollars later, we have a safe car that stops great. I have a targeted account for car repairs, but didn’t have enough for the whole bill in there (I’ll have to adjust the amount that goes in there monthly).

Monday, oh joy! I tried to wash my hands and there was no water. NO WATER. Did I pay the bill, you might ask? No, because I have a well. I tried flipper the breakers, nothing. Called my husband. He came home, couldn’t figure it out, called a well professional. That guy was great — he came out, pulled up hundreds of feet of wire, and found a broken connection. He fixed it, wrapped it all up again. $268 later, we have running water (with lots of sediment and sand that we’re still dealing with). Can you say “Ouch!” Well repair, surprisingly, isn’t in my budget at all.

So I paid cash for both repairs — this is really amazing. I could not have done that a year ago.  And I got paid today and our EF is back to previous emergency state, I just have to save a little less for summer camp this month. I’ll need to make that up next month. Still, this is pretty empowering.


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