March 12, 2010

State Update!

What’s the state of our current finances? I like to check in every month… so in April last year we had $403,438.14 total in debt. In February, $372,062.35.

Today it looks like $369, 479.51. We paid down $2,582.84 since last month. And since last April, $33,958.63. That’s great, but I did like February better. We dropped over 9k last month, so it’s a little bit of a letdown. But that’s what happens when you throw your tax refund and annual bonus at debt. Sadly, we don’t get those every month! So, what else can we do to increase our cash flow and drive that debt down?

I would love ideas. Surveys pay little and slowly (although I still like mysurvey.com, it can really only be a snowflake). I also do swagbucks, which is kinda fun, and I do search anyway — I trade swagbucks in for Amazon gift cards and deduct that from purchases I make and move that money to a snowflake account. These things are tiny though, they make no difference.

I also have books and movies on half.com, but most of my good stuff is sold and the rest is hanging out there at ridiculously low prices.

So, my big thought is a purge. We have Stuff.  (But I can find my vacuum and have never bought new stuff like that because I couldn’t find what I had — and I don’t have piles of laundry like ChildWild refers to.) Still, I can purge.

1.) We have lots of leftover butcherblock from doing our kitchen counters. Maybe I could sell them as cutting boards? They’re gorgeous and thick.

2.) We have lots of outgrown and unused clothing. I could try to sell by consignment or donate and get a receipt! I often donate clothing but haven’t done as well about getting receipts and itemizing what was donated.

3.) We have tons of CDs we don’t listen to. Maybe we can add them to half.com, same with our books. (Although some of the books I like to list with PaperBackSwap, which gives me new books to read for the cost of postage.)

4.) We just made maple syrup, perhaps we could sell that? It’s delish!

5.) Our garage attic is full of Stuff. Some stuff that we definitely will need (like summer furniture), but plenty of things we should just release for someone else to enjoy. If we can’t sell it, perhaps we can donate it.

Well, those are a few ideas but I’m not convinced any of them will give me the hit I want. Ideas, anyone?


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