May 14, 2010

Financial Frustration

Filed under: budgets,crazy,debt,family,money,parents — by elysianconfusion @ 2:13 pm

Well, the new numbers are in.

Current total debt is $365, 251.86.

That’s $2,412.82 in principle. I guess it’s better than nothing, but it’s all got me down. I felt like we were making so much progress.

We’ve sold a couple of things on Craigslist (randomly had a sink top; I have no idea why, it was new and we didn’t order or pay for it). That was $50, and we’ve mostly sold a double stroller. (How do you mostly sell something? Well, she PAID for it via PayPal, but doesn’t have it yet. Weird, huh?)

We’re still sorting through to see what else we don’t need. I do have two bags of clothes and stuffed animals ready to donate.

So, we paid our deposit for school next year, we paid for two weeks of preschool camp, we paid our town taxes.

Then I charged the balance of summer camp. Happily I paid that back within a few days of charging it, so now camp is PAID for! I only have to save another $4,000 for August to pay for next year’s preschool and then I think we’re on a regular budget for all this.

I’m looking forward to this but I don’t like the lack of momentum. There are always things that come up. My husband says we need a new lawn mower. My wedding band needs repair.  We need a booster seat, as my oldest has outgrown his car seat and isn’t big or heavy enough to sit on his own.

Ah, life, it’s pricy!


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