June 16, 2010

Writing and paying

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I know, I’ve been terrible at writing lately. I’ve felt stalled and it’s depressing. Plus life is busy for a working mom :-).
Today is the last day of school for my six year old son (almost seven! I need to write and send out birthday party invitations FAST). My four year old is sleeping shockingly late, so I’m grabbing a minute to write an update.
Current total debt (including mortgage) is $363,036.04. That’s down $2215.82 from last month. I was looking back and thought GAH! Why is it 200$ less than last month? I don’t know, maybe I used numbers before new interest expenses were applied? But in April it was only ~1800, so I guess I’ll take comfort where I can. And on the PLUS side — that’s $40,402.10 down from last year when we started! So that’s something. $40k has to be some kind of milestone, right?
I have managed a few things… I paid for all of summer camp and I’m on track to pay for all of preschool next year by August, freeing up an enormous (to me) amount of money to throw at debt. I also paid all of next year’s auto insurance (saved money that way and reduces monthly expenses). We still have money in our targeted savings account for stuff, including our vacation (camping in Maine), which has GOT to be a first.
I’ll try to post more to keep myself on track if nothing else. The little one is up and needs breakfast!


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