July 23, 2010

It’s Just Not FAST Enough!

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Patience, patience, patience! I don’t have it. I’ve never been good at it (perhaps this explains our debts? I don’t know!)

The new number for this month is 360,968.68. That means we’ll get under 360k next month, which is a good thing. I know people who owe more than that on their houses! In August we also have to pay for all of preschool for next year, $4,000. I’ve mentioned before, this will be a weight off my mind once it’s been paid. I still have to do the paying.

Meanwhile, my budget doesn’t seem to be great. I’ve definitely underestimated the real costs of vacation. I’m having trouble balancing a realistic budget we can stick to and an aggressive enough payment plan.

I did successfully hold down costs for my oldest son’s 7th birthday party. Instead of having a pinata with candy no parent wants, or a goody bag full of stuff the kids will break or throw away immediately. Instead, we had a low-key party in the yard with tents and a campfire, and we all tie dyed shirts that the kids got to take home. I thought it was a lovely party!

Next week we’re on vacation. I keep asking friends how they plan a budget for vacation. You know, they all look at me like I’m nuts. A budget for vacation? They think it’s crazy. But I don’t know how to relax about the money I’m spending on vacation unless I planned for it.

Am I crazy?


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