August 16, 2010

Slowly, slowly

Filed under: debt,family,money — by elysianconfusion @ 2:17 pm

It’s 358,727.58.  Under 360k! (Down 2,241.10 from last month.)

I keep thinking it’s going to get easier and it doesn’t.  I don’t know if that’s because of impulse spending or bad budgeting or what. We haven’t spent a lot on impulse, but a little here and a little there and it adds up.

I’ve been reading a bit of Frugal Babe here and there… she appears to exceed my ability to be frugal. Scraps of fabric for reusable toilet paper… um, can’t quite envision. And although the reusable pads do seem like a good idea, I really do like tampons. I tried one of those cups and perhaps I didn’t give it enough time but I found the whole thing rather … messy.

Our summer has been way too busy, that’s for sure, and no end in sight. If only we can hang on a bit longer, I think it will all even out.

Meanwhile, I’m tired, I’m stressed, and I have a lot to do. Off to it!


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