December 22, 2010

Oh December, why do you cost so much?

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December, December. It’s so busy and stressful, I can’t think straight. I have no progress to report this month except for rolling my home equity lines together for a lower rate — it’s done, we’re happy & hooray.

Is my money perspective all screwed up because of my family? Here’s the basics:

1) My dad made good money but didn’t talk about it and accumulated painful credit card debt and is terrible at managing money and has nothing.

2) My mom never made that much and now they’re apart manages her money much better, but I didn’t grow up with this example.

3) My older sister is a surgeon with a couple of multi-million dollar homes.

4) My younger sister is semi-sane thus far (and better with money, partly I think because her husband is seriously debt-averse other than medical school loans). But next year his salary plus bonus & signing bonus will be more than I’ve made in my life.

We’re not poor, me and my husband. But my goodness, you’d think we were! My older sister had a gift shipped here for her husband for Christmas. It’s a $6,000 Rolex. Yes. That one gift cost more than four times my entire Christmas budget. Crazy!

I hope to have lots of lovely news in the new year though. Happy Holidays!!!


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